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Hello, if you have come to this site looking for moi – Fiona Veitch Smith the writer – then you need to know that I now have a new website Drop by if you want to know all about my latest books and activities. Also, if you would like to contact me personally, please do so from the new website. This ‘old’ website will remain up however as there are lots of interesting articles that attract regular visitors. So by all means, have a look round before you head over to the spanking new site.

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David and the Hairy Beast

I have just published the first in a series of children’s picture books on the childhood of King David. David and the Hairy Beast is out now and David and the Kingmaker will be published in October. Both will make ideal Christmas presents. Future titles include: David and the Giant, David and the Prince, David and the Grumpy King and David and the Everlasting Kingdom. Visit Crafty Publishing to view an excerpt from the book and to order your copies.

Child of War

I’ve been commissioned by Lion Hudson (Monarch imprint) to co-write the autobiography of Yookie Budia, a former child soldier from the Congo. The book will be called Child of War. Yookie’s story is an incredible but harrowing tale of a journey from war to personal peace. As a young boy, Yookie was forced to participate in a series of atrocities and witnessed the murder of his own family. He managed to escape and after a treacherous journey through sub-Saharan Africa made his way to Durban, South Africa, where more dangers faced him as a child on the streets. If you want to know what happened to Yookie after that and how he met his wife Sarah and how they now run a charity called Hope2thehopeless then you’ll have to read the book! Yookie and I are working on it over the summer and it will come out early next year.

Simultaneously, Craig Gailbraith from Drawbridge Productions in Cape Town, is making a film about Yookie’s incredible journey. I’m sure it will be a box office hit!

Inspiring Women Devotional

CWR inspiring women devotionalMy first devotional series for Inspiring Women Every Day (CWR) is now available to order.  In this daily reading booklet, Wendy Bray will take you through Psalm 22 in January and I will be helping you face your fears in February.  For the rest of the year a host of women writers will encourage and inspire you. Booklets may be ordered through the CWR website.

Give me some peace!

The whole New Age and Self-help movements are geared towards one thing: finding and keeping inner peace. What these movements miss is that the prerequisite for peace with ourselves is peace with God – the external, objective, personal, creator God. Any religion or philosophy that says we can have peace with ‘God’, the ‘Universe’, ‘Humankind’ or whatever simply by accepting who we are and being kind to other people is rooted in Humanism, a belief that all that we need to live a successful life may be found within. But what happens when we look inside and do not find those resources? Then maybe it’s time to look somewhere else. Continue reading ‘Give me some peace!’

Did the Star of Bethlehem really exist?

Star of Wonder?

Did the Star of Bethlehem actually exist? I will look at various theories surrounding the Star of Bethlehem and ask a leading astronomer from Durham University for his views.

Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.
(Matt 1:2)

Ever since Matthew the Apostle penned these words in the decades following Jesus’ death, the search has been on to link the Star to an actual astronomical event, even though only one of the Gospels even mentions it. Continue reading ‘Did the Star of Bethlehem really exist?’

Loving others as yourself

Matthew 22:34 – 39

Love is our natural birthright as a Christian – it’s an internal evidence of the Spirit within us. But the doing is external evidence for the world to see. That is the Fruit of the Spirit. We have love in us because God is Love; it’s getting it out that’s the problem. Continue reading ‘Loving others as yourself’

Personality and the Fruit of the Spirit

Galatians 5:16-26

Manifesting the Fruit of the Spirit is something all Christians can and should do. It is not dependent upon our personalities. As someone who is socially confident and obviously gifted in creative and spiritual things, I used to believe that the opposite of me is what a Christian should be. Surely quiet, ‘background’ people are naturally more gentle, faithful, patient and self-controlled. Continue reading ‘Personality and the Fruit of the Spirit’

Fruit that will last

Matthew 15:1-17

The cantelope pepper I told you about yesterday turned out to be a bit of a one hit wonder. It bore one gorgeous, tasty, fleshy red fruit, but that was it. Meanwhile, the little chilli took its time and finally produced a small, but significant crop. I had to decide between keeping the flashy pepper or the faithful chilli as the latter was slowly being strangled by the former. One needed to be cut back so the other could grow. Continue reading ‘Fruit that will last’

By their fruit you will know them

I once had a chilli plant growing in my kitchen. Year after year it produced the hottest little chillis you could imagine. And it was beautiful too. I loved my chilli plant and actually shed a tear when it died after my housesitter forgot to water it when I was away on a month-long holiday. Fortunately I had dried some of the chillis so I used them to replant. I prepared the soil with the best compost I could find, planted the seeds, watered them and put them on a sunny window sill.

About a month later the chillis began to grow. But one plant outdid its siblings: the shoots were greener, the leaves bigger and the first flower was enormous. It was only when the fruit began to form and became round and bulbous that I realised this wasn’t a chilli but a cantelope pepper. I now have a scrawny chilli plant in the same pot as this high achiever but because their root balls are so entwined I can’t separate them.

In Matthew 7:15 – 23 Jesus warns people about the fruit of false prophets. They appeared to be one thing but turned out to be something else. However, this principle can be applied more broadly to all people and all Christians. We will be judged not by our potential or what we claim to be, but what, in the end, we finally produce.  By their fruit you will know them.

This meditation is taken from a series in Faith Station. Published by King’s Cross Training.